User-friendly Scheduling

Automatic is not enough. With new tasks and new employees on boarding, you will always need to create new tasks and make tweaks to your existing schedule.

However, these tasks should not be cumbersome, and that’s why we have introduced the most user-friendly employee scheduling features for you. Use the intuitive interface for quick and easy scheduling.

Once you publish the schedule, your employees can view their shifts direct from the Novo mobile app. Also you can choose to notify your
employees through your desired method of communication
i.e SMS, email.​

Automatic Scheduling ​

It should not be guesswork to know how many employees you will need on a particular day or during the off or on season.

With automatic scheduling, Novo Workforce takes care of the scheduling while arranging the best employees for the job.
It also ensures thatan accurate head count is present on any given day based on your expected workload, traffic volume, etc.

You can also custom-build your schedules to keep away the compliance worries. Once created, you can use these schedules repeatedly.

Task Assignment​ ​ ​

No need to panic if you have a lot of work to manage. Assign tasks to the right people so everything is in control at the end of the day.

Use a dashboard to monitor the progress of tasks and those who you have assigned to complete them.

Save your precious time by scheduling recurring tasks with one click. ​

Shift Exchanging

If your industry allows employees to work at different times this can be valuable to the company, let them do it with shift swapping through the Novo shift trading feature.

Let employees trade shifts with each other so they can make up for missed hours.  Opt in or opt out of shift swap approvals.

When you opt in, your employee can swap their shifts only after you have approved it.  If head count is a critical matter for you, let the available employees pick the shifts of the absent ones.

It’s the easiest way to be productive and efficient with your workforce.

On-Site Attendance

When you have employees working on-site, companies often use kiosks to simplify attendance for those employees.

Novo Workforce allows you to use an online workspace that your on-site workers can use to view their shifts, sign in or out, apply for leave, complete shift swaps etc Moreover, our application allows the same functionality from the Novo mobile app.

Our software simplifies the attendance and leave management of employees.

Performance Monitoring​​​

Employees need appreciation for their work as much as they need monetary compensation. Performance monitoring and reporting is the perfect way to give them what they want.  Monitor their progress and reward them for their dedication.

Create customized reports to see only the performance metrics that matter in your industry. Rate the best performers and help those who need training and your help. Let performance reports help you pick the best performers for the best jobs. ​

Quick Integration​​

Novo Workforce is built within Microsoft Dynamics 365.
What this means is that you can make the most of your software using our application. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect enterprise solution to streamline your sales, finances, and services.

However, it might not be the best solution for managing your workforce. Novo is here to fill the gap and give you the complete control of your employees and their efficient management. ​ ​